Understanding the Build-systemΒΆ

The build system is described by the CMakeLists.txt and is composed of few projects each responsible for a specific task. Once configured, the Outer Project is responsible for driving the overall build composed of multiple project called external project. Here is the list of external project:

  • CMakeProject-src-download

  • CMakeProject-binary-download

  • CMakeProject-build

  • CMakePythonDistributions: This corresponds to the Inner Project represented below.

The flow chart represented below illustrates which external projects are included based on the configure options and describes the role of each one:




CMake configuration file

Download source ?

If option CMakeProject_SOURCE_DIR is set, skip source download.

Download Source archive

External project downloading archives from https://cmake.org/files/.

Re-use source directory

Empty external project.

Build from Source ?

Answer based on option BUILD_CMAKE_FROM_SOURCE


External project downloading pre-built binary archives from https://cmake.org/files/.


External project building CMake from source.

Strip executables

If possible, reduce wheel size stripping cmake, cpack and ctest executables

Which files to install?

Answer based on option BUILD_CMAKE_FROM_SOURCE

Install prebuilt binaries

Recursively glob all files and explicitly add install rules.

Install CMake project

Achieved by including ${CMakeProject_BINARY_DIR}/cmake_install.cmake.