Updating the CMake versionΒΆ

A developer should use the following steps to update the version X.Y.Z of CMake associated with the current CMake python distributions.

Available CMake archives can be found at https://cmake.org/files.

  1. Install requests:

    $ pip install requests
  2. Execute scripts/update_cmake_version.py command line tool with the desired X.Y.Z CMake version available for download. For example:

    $ release=3.14.4
    $ python scripts/update_cmake_version.py $release
    Collecting URLs and SHA256s from 'https://api.github.com/repos/Kitware/CMake/releases/tags/v3.14.4'
    Collecting URLs and SHA256s from 'https://api.github.com/repos/Kitware/CMake/releases/tags/v3.14.4' - done
    Updating 'CMakeUrls.cmake' with CMake version 3.14.4
    Updating 'CMakeUrls.cmake' with CMake version 3.14.4 - done
    Updating docs/index.rst
    Updating docs/index.rst - done
    Updating README.rst
    Updating README.rst - done
    Updating tests/test_distribution.py
    Updating tests/test_distribution.py - done
  3. Create a topic named update-to-cmake-X.Y.Z and commit the changes. For example:

    git checkout -b update-to-cmake-$release
    git add CMakeUrls.cmake docs/index.rst README.rst tests/test_distribution.py
    git commit -m "Update to CMake $release"
  4. Push the topic and create a Pull Request.

  5. If all CI tests are passing, merge the topic and consider making a new release.