Making a release

A core developer should use the following steps to create a release X.Y.Z of cmake-python-distributions on PyPI.

This is usually done after Updating the CMake version.


PyPI: Step-by-step

  1. Make sure that all CI tests are passing on GitHub Actions.

  2. Download the latest sources if you don’t already have them

$ git clone
$ cd cmake-python-distributions
  1. Ask nox for the instructions on what to type

$ nox -s tag_release
  1. Run the suggested lines, probably something like this:

$ git tag --sign -m 'cmake-python-distributions 3.29.1' 3.29.1 main
$ git push origin 3.29.1


We recommend using a GPG signing key to sign the tag.

  1. Check the status of the builds on GitHub Actions.

  2. Once the builds are completed, check that the distributions are available on PyPI.

  3. Make a GitHub release based on the tag. This will display the latest version in the GitHub sidebar, and will notify release watchers of the release. Title it Version X.Y.Z and add a little note about what changed (Python only).